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At The Heart Of Intelligent Innovation

Gentilin Air Compressor is an international leader in the development, production and distribution of compressed air equipment.  The company started 30 years ago in Trissino (Vicenza, Italy), a region known in Europe and throughout the world for its superior standards in electromechanical innovation and cutting-edge engineering. The company is proud to distinguish itself for the quality of its production – the outcome of intense and ongoing technological breakthroughs carried out by its very own R&D resources.  Gentilin is a blend of tradition and innovation, typical of the “Made in Italy” brand. The mechanical characteristics of Gentilin products decisively influence their efficiency, longevity and noiselessness.  What’s more, thanks to several international patents these products are without equal.  For this reason there is a strong demand in various fields of applications – industry, construction, automotive, crafts, dental/medical, etc.  In other words, where next-generation smart systems actually promote work simplification and the optimization of results.


CLINIC AIR DIVISION came into existence in 2008. The objective was to put in the hands of scientific labs and dental/medical clinics equipment that was both technologically advanced and in step with the evolving nature of their requirements.  A careful study of these working environments and the ongoing side-by-side support to the users allows us to develop products that best meet the requirements of our clients.  Key words for CLINIC AIR are unwavering quality and continual innovation, where every member of the team carries out responsibilities with expertise and meticulous attention to detail.  Essentially, CLINIC AIR grows out of the need to supply pneumatic energy for those hypercritical professionals that are driven by a passion for a quality product.



Our engineers use the latest technologies to design, develop and market the unique products that make CLINIC AIR a success. The R&D department has always been a focal point in CLINIC AIR, where cutting-edge ideas are initially conceptualized and later brought to pass.


CLINIC AIR has decades of experience in the production of oil-free air compressors.  The products offered to its clients have been expansively tested and installed in thousands of the most demanding clinics and scientific labs throughout the world.


All process, from production to worldwide distribution of the products, undergo a systematic quality control process to guarantee the utmost performance.  Attention to details is what has made CLINIC AIR products unique, reliable and internationally recognized.


  • Via delle Tezze, 20/22
           36070 Trissino (VI)
  • +39 0445 962000
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